Heads Up: The Importance of Header Tags

Climbing the SEO ladder is something all aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners wish to accomplish with their websites, but something that often poses an issue is the process of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The most prestigious spots on the SEO hierarchy are achieved through hard work, dedication, and header tags.

What are Header Tags?

A header tag is a little piece of HTML (a type of computer code used in websites) code that highlights the importance of a word or phrase. Header tags are often used in the titles of typography in websites to show the importance to the reader (header tags often make the text larger) and search engines as well. Header tags range in importance from 1-6 and can be seen in the code of a website as “<h1>, <h2>” and so on. With the increase in number, the importance of the tag decreases, so the most important content and keywords for your website should be in an h1 or h2 tag.

These nifty little emphasizers are incredibly versatile too- some developers prefer to place long phrases in header tags, while others only use them for short keyword emphasis. Header tags can help you to convey the main point of your website and allow users a more accessible and readable experience while boosting your SEO ratings!

The Golden Rule of SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the holy grail of web development, but what does it entail? Typically, SEO is accomplished through the repeated use of keywords and phrases that a search engine can pick up and use to help direct people to your website. Keywords and phrases are powerful tools that aren’t very difficult to come up with, and there are even tools online to assist you in generating good keywords. A keyword or phrase is basically a very short description of the content on your website.

You should add keywords into your body text, but the real beauty of heading tags is that they emphasize your keywords. Search engines are constantly building their index of websites, and each site has a purpose, so it’s important to greatly emphasize what that purpose is so that your site can be on the top of the list of search results. The fact of the matter is using keywords throughout body text can sound repetitive and dull when used in excess, so adding them to your heading tags can assist in keeping your keyword count high! The golden rule of SEO is using keywords in your heading tags.

Heading in the Right Direction

Website Design, like many other aspects of technology, is constantly evolving; however, the important principles of SEO optimization and use of headings are not likely to go away soon. The true beauty of web design is the ability to customize your site to your needs and the ability to update it as those change. As you continue to learn more about the ins and outs of managing your webpage, make sure to reflect this knowledge on your site, and you will surely reap the benefits!

Final Thoughts

Search Engine Optimization can be a long process especially when you’re designing a website on your own, but it will be well worth the time when your site is near the top of the google search results! Making your website bold and beautiful to your customers and search engines is the end goal of all web designers- this can be difficult for some people who are without website design training, and if this is you, take heart! The experienced web design team at Intergetik Marketing Solutions can assist you in making your website stand out.