Graphic Design

At Intergetik, our artists go far beyond designing you an attractive logo. We are graphic artists, intuitive photographers, first rate animators and filmmakers, as well as top of the line web designers. We will take your brand, your idea, and help you find and impress your audience, wherever they may be.

Digital Media

We want our clients to succeed because, if they succeed, we’ve succeeded.  This is why we take a thoughtful, measured approach to graphic design and digital media.  Our digital media designers use their artistic skills in the realm of the digital world to create a platform for your brand that is interactive, innovative and will give you a high ROI.

Print Media

Your print marketing materials keep talking long after you’ve stopped.  From business cards, postcards, brochures, ads, and other items, we’ll create custom promotional material using mastered graphic design that does the talking for your brand.  Whether they’re for direct mailings, sales meetings or trade shows, we’ll design print marketing materials that will give your brand a lasting impression.

Brochures.  In a world filled with digital media, good, old-fashioned brochures still have their place.  If your business gets walk-in customers, you’ll want them to leave with a beautifully designed brochure in their hands, one that’s packed with information for your salespeople to hand out to prospective customers.  Trade shows would be trade shows without a stack of colorful brochures in your booth.

Business Cards.  Everyone has business cards.  After a trade show or business meeting, you’re left with a stack of them, boring cards that all look the same.  How do you make your card stand out from the rest? Let us design it! Our graphic artists will create a design for you that suits the personality and message of your brand.  Sleek and modern? Colorful and wild? Traditional? Your business card will be an extension of your business and will be sure to not blend in with all of the others.

Posters.  A good poster is an art form.  Our artists will design a poster for you that has function as well as beauty, simple yet tells your story, informative and eye-catching.

Anything else.  You name it―booklets, calendars, door hangers, flyers, billboards―we’ll design them and create marketing material for you that will improve your brand’s visibility and recognition.

Event Branding

Event Branding is when we use your company name and logo to market your brand at an event.  We can use all forms of media to market your brand―balloons, video commercials, flyers, advertising on social media, shirts and backdrops, whatever you can think of, we can put your name on it.  With your strong logo, this will help build your name recognition. It can be an event you’re sponsoring and we can include your logo and put it on posters, water bottles, shirts or other kinds of things at the event.  Or maybe it’s an event of your own and you need invitations, programs or event a website dedicated to the event. We can guide you through everything you need to successfully design your media and display your brand.

Whatever the event, we’ll show your brand in a unique and meaningful way.


Sales Decks, Powerpoint presentations and digital presentations are slide presentations used to pitch your product. We can work with you to create a powerful, effective presentation that could include animations to give your presentation life, stunning photographs, and engaging video. We can also create presentations that are entirely video. We’ll present your vision in a compelling way that will tell your story.

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