Advertising and Promotion

To create a successful brand, it should exist on many platforms.  While all businesses should have a website, some may prefer to have their marketing budget concentrate on a more concrete type of marketing, such as Print Media or a Digital Marketing campaign.

Creative Marketing Campaign

A creative marketing campaign can be anything from outdoor media to murals to trending hashtags.  At Intergetik, we’ll design a marketing campaign that showcases your brand in an innovative and eye-catching way.  Most companies don’t have the budget to flood the market with ads for their product, but an effective creative marketing campaign can grab the attention of your target audience in a big way, and, if you’re lucky, they’ll share it on social media!

We’re not just graphic designers, we’re strategic designers.  We’ll brainstorm ideas that will make your brand stand out above the crowd.  By infusing your core ideas into the campaign, we can position you as a highly recognizable brand and generate leads that turn into sales.


Pay-Per-Click is a marketing tool in which your site shows up as a “sponsored link” on the search engine and every time a user clicks on your ad that brings them to your website, you pay the search engine.  It’s a way to buy visitors instead of waiting for them to show up. The small fee for each click is well-worth it, as it’ll bring sales to your site, and if you create a relevant, targeted Pay-Per-Click campaign that uses keywords correctly and have landing pages that are set up for conversions, search engines will charge you less per click.  Search engines want their users to trust their results and to be satisfied with them, so most are willing to reward you for making it a better experience for their users.

PPC is win-win.  It benefits the search engines by earning them revenue and by making them a better experience for their customers.  It’s a win for your company because it brings in lots of new leads and regular customers.

As with any marketing campaign, you first start with asking a few questions that will help build your strategy.

  • Who is your target audience?  Since PPC is based on keywords, you’ll need to know who you’re trying to reach so you can use the right keywords.  Additionally, it’s important to make sure you’re landing page will bring the customer to what they’re looking for. Having keywords that don’t match up with the information on your landing page will frustrate customers and they won’t stay on your page.
  • What keywords should I use?  Use relevant and tight keywords.
  • What is my budget?  We can help you determine your conversion rate (the rate of visitors to your site who buy, set up an account, sign up for info or any other desired action) which will allow us to help you set a reasonable budget for PPC.

Once we have an understanding of what your PPC campaign should look like, we can bid for the ads.  They are sold in an auction, with you bidding the maximum amount that you’re willing to pay for each click.  Bidding the most may win the auction and have you rank number 1 (there are other factors that come into play), but it’s a balancing act.  You may outbid everyone else, but in the end you’ll be paying more for the ads than you are in resulting sales.

Because you’re bidding on keywords, the bids can be quite expensive to beat.  At Intergetik, we’re experts the PPC marketing and can guide you through the entire process and help you determine whether a PPC campaign would be a good addition to your advertising portfolio.


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