Social Media

There are more people using social media than ever before, and to be successful in today’s business world, your company must be an active contributor to various forms of social media.  Posts, tweets, or hashtags, we’ll help you navigate the world of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and grow your social media footprint.

Social Media Consulting

As Ferris Bueller famously said, “Life moves pretty fast.”  People using Facebook or Twitter distribute information almost instantaneously, and the right comment can deliver you more business than ever. We can determine which social media sites would be best for your company to focus on and help you set up and design accounts and we can even maintain them for you. Social Media is a free and vital tool for getting the message out about your product.  The number of social media sites available grows daily; Facebook and Twitter are merely the tip of the iceberg. Intergetik can consult with you on which sites would be most effective for your business and the best way to use them to target potential customers.

Community Outreach

As of March 2017, there were over 1.86 billion monthly active Facebook users worldwide.  That’s a quite a large community! Traditionally, community outreach socially involved television commercials, newspaper ads or billboards so it involved blasting your message out to whomever would listen (or not).  Blasting it, instead of truly reaching out. With social media, you can build a following and then begin sending your message; build an audience instead of hoping one exists. Most companies use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn so even if you’re B2B you can market your business using social media and gain valuable visibility. If you follow potential clients on Twitter, for example, you can “like” or comment on their Tweets and that person or company would see that.  Your goal is not only brand recognition, but you also want to build credibility for your brand by sharing relevant, useful information. It’s about forming new relationships that will lead to more conversion.

We can consult you on how to take advantage of the potential customers that can be obtained using social media.  We’ll help you identify your audience and choose which social media platforms would work best to reach that audience.  We can even help with your social media content.

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