Strategic Marketing

Once we’ve gotten a deep understanding of your company’s identity and who your target customers are and what our clear objective is as a team, we can create a detailed plan for how to take your business to your desired demographic.  We ensure that you understand your target market and consult with you on how to reach it, how to best represent your brand, and highlight any areas that we think may need work.

Marketing Strategy

A good marketing strategy should begin with a snapshot of your current business situation.  What are you currently doing that you feel is working? What are you currently doing that you feel is not working?  How many clients/customers do you currently have? Who is your competition and how are they getting customers? Getting a clear picture of your current situation will help give us a better idea of what current strategies to keep and what to change, and knowing what your competition is doing right can help you to potentially lure those companies away.

Next, we think about your target audience.  Consider your prospective customer and write a simple one paragraph description that includes their age, sex, family makeup, geographic location, yearly earnings and any other identifying information that may be relevant.  If your business is B2B, think about similar questions as they would relate to potential business customers, such as type of business, job title, size of business, geographic location, etc.

We’ll next consider your marketing goals.  What is it you hope to achieve? Your goals should fit into the overall goals of your company and they should be specific.  You should look at sales dollars or units you wish to sell, what you want your market share to be, number of new accounts you want to obtain, sales conversion rates and what you’d like your ROI, or Return On Investment for the money you’re putting into advertising.

By laying all of this out, we can figure out what’s working for you now and what we think will work for you in the future.  Detailed information on current customers will allow us to find those customers you’d like to have and make a plan on how to reach them.  With all of this information, we can help you to set your marketing budget and develop the marketing strategies that are not only realistic but that you’ll be able to use.

We’ll discuss the various ways we can help you to market your product, whether it is website design, website content, print design or video.  We’ll lay out budget considerations and timeframes and will work diligently to meet both. Our focus is on the growth of your brand and creating a strategic path to bring your brand story alive.

Launch Planning

Once you’ve decided on your marketing materials, we can perform our magic!  Are designers, photographers and copywriters will get to work creating the artwork and developing your website and content.  We’ll keep you informed along the way and you’ll approve all designs before we begin production. During production, we’ll begin the launch planning and set up a timeline of expectations with your along with a launch date.

A good strategic plan should stay within your budget and timeframe.  We’re sensitive to that and will advise you on how to best allocate your resources.  With you, we’ll set expectations of the launch, we’ll come up with a strategic list of action items with due dates and priorities and we’ll check for any bugs in your website or any digital media.

After the launch, there may be things that you want tweaked here or there, and we’ll take of those items, and complete a final review.

Inbound Marketing

Outbound marketing is when you go to trade shows to showcase your product, send out advertising emails or mailers, telemarketing, cold-calling potential customers or anything where you’re reaching out to customers.  It’s casting a wide net. Inbound Marketing, on the other hand, is when you’re taking action to bring the right customers to you. There’s no need for a net at all. By using search engines, articles, blogs and social media, you attract those customers to your site who may have some interest in what you’re selling, whether they came to your site to read an article or because your website came up at the top of an engine search.  Increasingly, companies are discovering Inbound Marketing’s effectiveness and are dedicating more and more of their advertising budgets to Inbound Marketing plans. We’ll come up with a comprehensive plan to increase your Inbound Marketing strategies to bring eager customers to your website.

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