SEO – Search Engine Optimization

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the practice of using certain elements to improve your standing in search engines.  The higher your company ranks in a search engine, the more people you will have clicking on your link. SEO is necessary for any company to become successful today because using SEO doesn’t just bring your website higher in the search engine ranks, it also keeps your website from being buried in the depths of the internet under the billions of other websites vying for attention.  We’ll make sure that your website includes all of the key elements involved in effective SEO:

  • Good, shareable content and lots of it, such as blogs, news articles, videos.
  • The right title tags which are HTML titles that indicate the title of a web page and are displayed as a clickable headline on search engine results pages.
  • The right meta descriptions for every page.  Meta descriptions are like title tags but they are more descriptive of the content of the page.
  • The right balance of keywords. It’s important to use your keywords but overuse can hurt you in the rankings.
  •  Subheadings that not only make articles easier for your users to read, but also improve your SEO rankings.
  • Make your website mobile friendly.  People aren’t only looking at websites on their computers, they browse them on their mobile devices as well.
  • Have your page up to speed, literally.  Slow page loading will kill your conversion rates as well as your search engine rankings.

There’s a lot going on behind the scenes on your website on the SEO front, but we’re experts at optimizing your searches and will help your brand to rise to the top.

Search Engine Management

Search Engine Management (or SEM) is a way to increase visibility of your product or site on search engines which is an integral part of any business, big or small, in today’s technical world.  Essentially, SEM consists of a PPC (Pay-per-click) campaign and/or paid search ads and paid search advertising in conjunction with a quality SEO website which together work to give your site authority so it will gain the respect of search engines so they will rank your website higher.  With PPC alone, without an optimized website, you may get short-term rewards, but when partnered with a high-quality website, you’ll see more long term effects with returning visitors.

As part of your SEM campaign, we provide ongoing analytics to ensure a high ROI (Return On Investment), no matter how much your budget is.  It is an online campaign, which not only can give you a worldwide audience, but it is also working 24-hours a day. By paying for certain keywords, we can bring more inbound traffic to your site.

To make your SEM a success, we will:

  • Define your target audience and come up with a strategy to reach them.
  • Determine which keywords to focus on to reach your target audience.
  • Make sure your website is Search Engine Optimized.
  • Have your website indexed by the most popular search engines like Google and Bing which allows them to consider your website.
  • Start a PPC campaign.
  • Attract quality inbound links using share-worthy blogs and articles and overall good content and list your website on online directories and portals.
  • Analyze performance data and measure the success of the campaign.
  • Make any adjustments that would improve performance.

SEM is a complex endeavor which most companies leave to professionals who understand the inner workings of world of search engines.  Like us!


Local Search and Mobile Search

Using the internet to target a worldwide audience is great, but what if your target audience is confined to a small or specific geographic area?  If you’re looking for someone to clean your gutters and you type “gutter companies” into a search engine, it’s useless for that search engine to send you ads for gutter companies in another state, so they use your location to return the optimal results.

We’ll set up your N-A-P (Name, Address, Phone) on every page and ensure that your ads are customized to use keywords that include the local area, and use ad extensions, like location, call and click to call extensions.  Click to call extensions are buttons that allow customers to click on them and call you directly on their phone. Today most local searches are done on mobile devices so it’s important your site is mobile-friendly which means it is able to be viewed by customers on their phones in a mobile format that doesn’t load your entire site.  Mobile-friendly versions are usually scaled-down versions of your website. When people search for product or service using their phone, they’re not browsing for the best deal or for something they may want to purchase sometime down the road. They mean business. Mobile searches have an extremely high conversion rate, especially for restaurants, but also for directions to businesses and quite often looking up websites on a mobile device will result in the customer going into brick and mortar stores.

By using a number of local and mobile search tools, we can help you target your local market and build an extensive local following.

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