Web Design and Development

We know how important it is for a business to have a strong digital presence. Having an effective website, even if you’re not planning on using e-commerce to sell a product online, is as important to business today as the product or service itself. Without that connection to the rest of the online world, you might as well be a tree falling in the woods. You might make a sound, but who will hear you?

Web Design

The key to good web design is getting everything just right—color, balance, white space, fonts, graphics—all in perfect harmony to create a unique experience for the user.  While customers may see your website as merely a means to an end, your website is so much more than that to you. An effective website wears many hats:

  • Provides customers with information about your business
  • Keeps this info current with reviews, testimonials, news
  •  Allows customers to get to know you and your business by way of articles and blogs
  •  A marketing tool that works for you 24/7
  • A showcase for your products
  • Builds a relationship with your customers
  • Allows customers to come to you
  • Facilitates selling your product directly to consumers online
  • Gives the ability to capture email addresses for direct marketing

When done properly, your website can be your partner.  We’ll work hand-in-hand with you to develop a beautifully designed website that serves as a direct reflection of you and your business and has all of the functionality and features that will bring your business to the next level.  We know that first impressions are vital and that if your website doesn’t make a good one, the user will just move along to another website, so we make sure that every web page is impeccably designed to engage the web surfer immediately and will entice him to want to see more.

Your website is a two-way street that not only allows you to showcase your business, but also encourages direct interaction with your current and potential customers.  There are many ways to spur this communication. These “calls to action” can include buttons or pages that ask the visitor to:

  • Click here!
  • Call now!
  • Learn more
  • Take Our Survey
  • Request a Consultation
  • Join Our Mailing List
  • Ask the Expert

By opening this line of communication, you can directly answer any questions your customers may have but it also can provide you with customers’ email addresses so that you may market to them in the future.

Gone are the days of driving from store to store in search of things to buy.  Fewer and fewer retail businesses have a traditional “brick and mortar” store and are instead opting to sell their products directly online.  It saves on overhead and employees and in many cases it saves a long commute as well. We can bring your website into the world of e-commerce with a user-friendly sales interface using shopping cart systems like Shopify, OpenCart, Magento or Prestashop.  Your website is your storefront and should be treated like you would a physical store by being clutter-free and have an appealing design. If it is disorganized, the customer will get frustrated and move onto a site that’s clearer and will get them what they want faster.  We’ll work with you to design your site so it’s fast, easy to navigate, and is beautifully designed using graphics and photography. Beauty and functionality drive all of our website design.

Websites aren’t made of stone.  They are ever-evolving and should be regularly updated to keep them from looking stale and to keep up with the latest technologies.  At Intergetik, we’ll design a website that works for you.

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