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Narrative, stories, and legends - the words that keep an audience on the edge of their seat. Should your company’s information not be legendary? Let us help you win the hearts and minds of people for years to come.

Content Creation

Verbal Branding is about giving personality to your media, be it your website content and blog, printed materials, or video.  It is not merely what the written words say, it’s their tone that conveys what you want to say about your products and services.  Words on a page are meaningless if no one reads them. They must engage the reader or he will merely move on to funny cat videos.

Your Verbal Branding Identity is your voice.  And that voice must be consistent with your message. It must be clear, simple, and most importantly, authentic.  The language you use in your daily life influences how people view you. The same is true for the language you use to represent your brand.

Our professional writers understand that your website not only has to make a good first impression, but it needs to make a lasting one.  Your website content needs to put you ahead of the pack, quite literally, with SEO.  Search Engine Optimization is the use of all the right title tags, descriptions and keywords that will bring your website to the top of list when a customer uses Google, Bing or other popular search engines.

Besides your typical website pages that show who you are and what you do, a great way to increase traffic to your site and boost your SEO, is to have a blog.  Having a blog that you update regularly has many benefits:

  • It drives SEO.
  • It creates a direct communication between you and your customers.
  • Through blog articles, you can show customers your expertise.
  • It can generate leads.
  • It keeps people returning to your site.
  • It’s free PR.
  • It allows you to tell your story and lets customers get to know you.
  • It can be fun!

Our professional copywriters can create blogs that bring people back to your website over and over again and even share your content.

I passed 10th-grade English.  Why not write my website content myself?  How hard could it be?

Very.  Professional copywriters know how to bring visitors to your site and convert those visitors into customers.  It’s not merely a matter of having impeccable grammar (which we do), but also creating copy that produces results (which we do).  A website can be visually stunning but if your website copy is not well-thought out or grammatically correct, people are going to move on to a site that looks and sounds more professional.

At Intergetik, we love traffic.  Not the ulcer-inducing commuter kind, but the kind of traffic that consists of a mass of customers visiting your website on a regular basis.  Our writers are salespeople, selling your brand and driving customers to your site. We write entertaining, engaging and persuasive text that brings results.  We think like search engines, we think like your customers, and we think like you. We’ll create a comprehensive website that is attention-grabbing on every level.

Content Marketing

Keeping your customers engaged is just as important as acquiring new ones, and there are many ways to hold onto their attention.  You can include news related to you or your product, blogs that inform or entertain, videos that show how-to’s or advertise your product, or instructional articles.  Creative content can bring in potential customers who stumbled upon your site because of an article and stay to purchase a product or learn more about your company. Thoughtful, well-written content may be shared on the internet, and every time it is read, it could potentially bring customers to your site or get you some name recognition.

Let’s face it.  Some of us may be able to write our own content but simply don’t have the time it takes to do it properly.  Our professional writers create content that will inform and entertain and most importantly, help you build an audience and promote your brand.   Because we’ve spent so much time getting to know you, we can create content for your website that is written with your voice. Your message. We don’t use content curation sites that spit out articles that you may or may not find useful.  We use real people who will write unique and intelligent content for your site that is your own. We are SEO-oriented and will create content for you that is well-researched and shareable and will bring customers to your site.

Content is a compliment to your current marketing strategy.  By bringing consumers to your page to find out more information, they’ll get your story.  They’ll see your advertisements for your product, your reviews, your information. Your content will be related to what you’re selling, so any consumer that is brought to your site because they read a related article, will already be interested in what you’re selling.  Having good, quality information on your site will build trust with consumers because they’ll see that you know what you’re talking about. You’ll want people to read your content, comment on it, share it, subscribe to your email list and want to read what’s next.

Most experts agree that content marketing is a necessary tool in today’s saturated e-commerce market.  The right content will help drive your website to the coveted top spots on search engines, which, because most people will only click through a few pages of results, will bring new customers flooding to your website.  We can implement a Content Management System so that you’ll be able to easily update your website yourself, or, if you’re busy and would rather have someone else take care of things for you, we can do that too.

Along with our written content, we’ll design accompanying graphics and professional photographs.  Our graphic artists know just how to give your content the right amount of punch to make it stand out above the rest.

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