How To Stretch Your Marketing Budget


When times are tough and margins are thin, cutting back on marketing may seem like a good choice.  After all, for small businesses every marketing dollar counts.  Things may be difficult, but they won’t stay that way forever.  Eventually, the tides will turn and people will be getting jobs and working again which means they’ll start spending money.  If your company is out there already, vying for those dollars when they do, you’re ahead.  Staying in the game will give you an advantage over those who didn’t and are behind you trying to play catch up.

Revisit Your Business Goals

As a business grows, its business goals can become more complex.  It’s important to review them to make sure your current marketing strategies still on the right path to get you there.  Which marketing strategies are working for you?  Look at your current ROI.  If something works well for you, focus your budget on that.

Cast a Smaller Net

Casting a wide net can be effective but it can be expensive.  It would be better to identify your target audience and focus your efforts there.

Look For Free Publicity

Yes, there is such a thing as free publicity.  Get your business involved in community activities, look for opportunities to share your expertise with the public, write articles for your own website or look for websites who may be interested in a guest article submission from someone with your skills.  If you’re doing something that may be newsworthy, contact your local paper or news organization.  They’re often on the lookout for positive news stories like yours.

Focus Your Efforts on Digital Marketing Through Social Media

Digital marketing doesn’t have to break the bank.  Advertising through popular social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp doesn’t take a lot of money and can increase your brand awareness.  Advertising on social media allows you to connect again and again with your target audience and bring more traffic to your website.  The cost per click on these sites is a lot cheaper than Google Adwords.

Social media can bring you great exposure if you’re using it correctly and putting out the right content.  People would rather look at good content than ads any day.  Content doesn’t have to be expensive but it does need to be good.  Content on your site should be informative or entertaining as long as it accurately represents your brand.  Blog articles are an effective way to bring readers to your site if they are informative and engaging but the ultimate goal is to create something that readers will want to share which means they’re doing the advertising for you!

Another way to get the most out of your marketing budget is to hire a marketing company that appreciates the importance of value in marketing.  At Intergetik, we provide a variety of marketing solutions that can help your business get a high return on investment, even if that investment has to be low.  From branding to web design to social media marketing, our team of professionals will help you hit your goals and make your brand a success.  Call us today at (314)749-0492 or visit our website and let us know what we can do for you.