Intergetik Marketing Solutions is the new S03 Creative

Why the change?

We created the new name because we’re just not the type of company we were when we started.

The business once focused on graphic and web design to provide our clients with handsome products.

With 13 years performance behind us, our services have expanded, and our focus has narrowed. Now, we deliver more than an appealing narrative. We use a honed set of creative skills and technology expertise to promise a return on the partnerships we form with clients.

Intergetik Marketing Solutions represents the energy we bring to a focus on work that makes money for our clients.

What’s the impact?

Nothing has changed internally. Same company, same friendly faces, too! This name change came as a decision by our expanding team to better represent our goals as a company.

How does this impact clients?

This does not change the relationship with our current clients. Our quality and response will not change. But, Intergetik better represents the skills and methods we have mastered.

Where does Intergetik go from here?

Nowhere, but up! We have grown steadily each year, adding new clients to our loyal customer base and new talent to our group. The last couple of years saw us move into copywriting, iOS and Android development as well as Drone and 360° film and photography.

We thank our clients for their collaboration, contribution, and creative input. Intergetik Marketing Solutions will serve you well into the future.