Consistency: The Best Friend of Your Business

Practice makes perfect. Not just a day of practice though, many hours of practice are what make you truly great at something. Consistency is a value that will get you far in life– you probably heard something like this when you were younger, but it is especially true as a business owner. As your business grows and develops, being consistent will allow you the freedom to expand and grow all while maintaining a cohesive business identity and an organized style that people will recognize.

Stick With It

Consistency can appear in two ways in your business. The first form of consistency is like practicing, taking daily or weekly actions to ensure your business is doing well and keeping it in check. The second form of consistency is the way in which your business is presented and organized, it is one of the most important values you can bring to your business, as it will ensure that you are free from headaches created by a lack of consistency, and it means that your customers will be able to more clearly recognize your brand. This type of consistency can show up in two ways, marketing and functionality.

Organize Your Thoughts

Regarding the marketing side of consistency, it is incredibly important to create a cohesive identity for your business. This means that your business is well-established and easily recognized by the mention of the name, or the viewing of a logo. While not entirely necessary, creating a logo, establishing some fonts, and choosing some colors can help you ensure your business is presented in the same or a very similar way each time so that your clients and potential client base are not confused as to the nature and identity of your business.

Keep it Real

Functionality is the biggest part of your marketing strategy that consistency plays a role in. By functionality, we mean diligently labeling files with an established naming convention (or organizing your paperwork with a clear and understandable method if you prefer a more analog system), creating policies for your business, and furthering your brand identity by following through on your policies. You may be a business, marketing, or computer genius, but your business is only as good as its navigability. Meaning that your clients should not have to labor over searching through your business for the information or service they need.

Having consistent functionality is particularly crucial when it comes to website design and marketing online, especially if you are working with a marketing professional. Creating a file naming convention (meaning a system of titling and organizing your files) will save you plenty of time and money in building a website or creating posts, as you won’t have to spend hours looking for files. On the client end of your business, creating a website that is navigable and consistently themed throughout will make it more aesthetically pleasing and allow those who are technologically challenged to locate everything in your site.

Final Thoughts

Having a consistent business is a great way to spur growth. Making sure your marketing plan accomplishes each level of consistency can help you feel more organized and ensure your clients are able to access what they need. If you need help in establishing a cohesive business identity, or creating a consistent marketing plan, contact Intergetik for more information!