Marketing Trends That Will Boost Your Business

Marketing Trends That Will Boost Your Business


Marketing is never a dull moment. There is always something new going on and developing in the world of marketing. You see updates to Google’s algorithm, an out-of-this-world feature that causes a familiar social media platform seem brand new again. However, it is not easy to keep up with the fast-moving world of marketing. 


It is very important to keep a sharp eye out for emerging trends in the world of marketing. Testing out the latest marketing tactics and employing different types of campaigns does allow you to have an edge over the competition. 


What is important for your business? The following are some of the biggest marketing trends you need to pay attention to. 


Why are Marketing Trends Important?


Marketing trends typically line up closely with what the consumers want and need. They make sure brands are playing to their strengths and staying relevant to their target audience. 


Staying up to date on the current trends will help brands gain credibility and solidify their expertise. This shows they know what the future of their industry looks like. 


Now that you understand the importance of marketing trends, let’s look at some of the top ones that are shaping the world. 



Videos Will Be Short


Videos that are short and contain snappy content is a top trend in today’s world of marketing. TikTok, Instagram reels, and YouTube shorts show how consumers want quick, easy to understand content. 


Small stories give brands the opportunity to connect with their customers where they are currently spending time. It also increases who you reach by using effective content. To ensure you are getting the most out it, you will need to gain consumers’ attention within the first three seconds of your video. 


Mobile Optimization will Become Indispensable


Buyers are on their phone more than ever. Many of these buyers are not just spending time on their phones, but they are also spending more money. Research has shown that more than half of yearly online website traffic is due to mobile devices. Brands who focus on optimizing their mobile sites will have success. 


This is vital for those brands that want to focus on millennial and Gen Z audiences. As their buying power grows, the millennial and Gen Z audiences will demand smooth mobile experiences that give them the opportunity to make fast purchases on the go. 


Storytelling Will Be More Visual


Buyers these days would rather see the content rather than read it, as it is more memorable. Visual platforms, such as TikTok and Instagram, are very successful because they use visual content. This trend is also being proven on search engines, with Google serving a lot more images and videos in its results. You will see brands begin to use rich, visual experiences by utilizing product videos, infographic, user-generated content, and interactive images. 


Email Marketing Will Not Go Away


Email marketing is not going anywhere anytime soon. It is one of the only marketing tactics brands have complete control over, unlike social media platforms which can change out of nowhere. With emails, brands have total ownerships over who their subscribers are. 


Since personalization is becoming more desired, brands must improve their email. Marketing tactic to design powerful memorable experiences. This is done through automated and triggered sequences, such as abandoned cart emails and personalized product recommendation emails.


These are only a few of the current trends in marketing. There are many more that can help boost your business and get your brand highly recognized. If you are interested in learning more about marketing trends or need advice as to what direction you should take, contact Intergetik Marketing Solutions. We thrive on helping companies get their brand out there and becoming successful!