Why Your Business Needs S.W.O.T Analysis

As a business owner, your main goal is always  to improve your business – to increase your profits, reduce loss or and gain more customers. Whether you own a small family business or a large corporate enterprise, the main goal is to continue to improve and grow your business successfully.

In order to grow a business, it is important to look at the  company as a whole and determine what changes can be made for maximum improvement. 

The best way to determine that your company is using the most effective direction for growth is through using the s S.W.O.T Analysis. This is a technique which analyzes various factors or threats that the  company may face. Using this method helps to explore new solutions to existing problems and will aid in the increased success of your business.

So, what is S.W.O.T Analysis?

 It is a study taken by an organization to identify its internal strengths and weaknesses as well as its external opportunities and threats. The main objective of using this method is to create a plan for your business’ future. 

First, it is important to determine the strengths of your company – the main areas where your company succeeds  . What may separate you from other competitors? Who helps run your business? Do they contribute to the advancement of the company’s future? Determining your businesses strengths will show where the  competitive advantage is!

Along with strengths, you must also figure out where there may be weaknesses  within the company. It is very valuable to determine these weaknesses early on before moving forward with any business or marketing plan. Maybe your business is lacking something that your competitor does better or there may be a resource limitation issue – pinpointing these weaknesses early on makes it easier to address them right away so that your company can improve and maximize growth.

You should also determine if there are any external opportunities that you may take advantage of for your company’s advancement. These opportunities can provide the means to improve performance and give your company a competitive advantage.

It is also valuable to evaluate any potential external threats to your business that may be getting in the way of reaching your goals. Identifying all forms of threats to your business and their potential risk to your company will be useful so that you can develop a plan to manage and combat the challenges that may stand in the way.

Once you have analyzed the entirety of your business, you can then go on to create a plan that will help your company achieve any and all goals that you originally set out to attain. A S.W.O.T analysis ultimately is a tool used to decide the best marketing strategies to get the best results for your business. If you require additional information or if you have any questions about how we at Intergetik Marketing Solutions can help you determine a plan for success, please feel free to contact our office at (314)749-0492.