Harnessing SEO in 2023: Top Trends

Search Engine Optimization, aka SEO, is vital to online marketing. However, SEO in 2023 is very different than it was even two or three years ago, and in order to continually drive traffic to your site, current trends will need to be followed. SEO is ever evolving and will need to be updated constantly. Let’s look at the current trend and how to harness SEO in 2023.

Artificial Intelligence

Search engines are using artificial intelligence to enhance search results. By utilizing natural language processing, Google algorithms rely on AI to understand search queries and return more precise results. Also, the use of AI in SEO will analyze the relationships between content pages, search engine rankings and sites. These aspects of AI help to create a more user-friendly experience. 

Voice Search

In a world of voice speakers and mobile devices, voice search optimization is a must. Gone are the days of using just SEO keywords. Sites now need to use natural and conversational language and long-tail keywords in order to stay relevant in search engines.


The majority of the population in 2023 uses a mobile device at some point during their day. Therefore it is essential to ensure that your site is not only searchable on mobile devices, but is optimized for mobile browsing. To evaluate how mobile-friendly your site is, you can type “Google Mobile-Friendly Tool” in the Google search bar. You will then enter your URL and this will let you know what tools you need to use to improve mobile indexing.

Content, Content, Content

If you don’t have content that the user is wanting to consume, then all the SEO and keywords are useless. Developing a site that has information that draws the user is the goal of any good website. Using videos, snippets and valuable information will not only bring in users, but help to boost your SEO in the process.


The latest SEO success trend is to follow the E-A-T principle. This is Expertise, Authorativeness, Trustworthiness. When developing a webpage, these ideals need to be followed. SEO ranking is dependent upon these ideals. Make sure that content is fact-checked, authored by experts in the field and backed by reputable sources.

Video Content

Integrating video into your site can boost your visibility. Embedding videos from sources such as YouTube, TikTok or IG Reels, can improve your SEO. These sites have excellent SEO and reach very large audiences. When this type of content is used, make sure that it is optimized with the correct keywords and descriptions. This will help to improve the success of video SEO.

Know your Audience

Just as content is important to a site, knowing the user is just as important. Marketing teams want to know as much about the consumer as possible, in order to create relevant content that will be consumed on a regular basis. Knowing the user, will help the developer to use the correct keywords and SEO for the greatest ranking success. Ensuring the that the user has a good experience while on the site will help the marketing team to continually update the site and create return traffic.