Is Direct Mail Dead?

People may say that Direct Mail Marketing is as outdated as bell bottoms. As obsolete as 5” floppy disks. As antiquated as an 8-track cartridge. As Beta Max. As New Coke. Zima. Well, you get the picture.  But here’s the thing:  those people are wrong.

Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. The response rate for direct marketing, whether it’s flyers, postcards, circulars, catalogs, or coupons, has been on the rise in recent years, reaching 3.77%, much higher than mobile (2%),  social media (1%), and email (1%).  “Junk mail” can still make an impact.

Here’s why we’re not at all surprised:

Direct Mail feels more legitimate. Our inboxes are under attack from a constant barrage of suspicious emails with potentially dangerous attachments that come from who knows where. Anyone can send them out. But a mailer, a glossy piece of substantially thick paper with a professionally designed ad on it, has legitimacy and you’re not going to get infected with malware when you open a physical piece of mail.

Direct mailers stand out more than emails.  Think, for a minute, about all those emails you get each day. Add to that number all of the ones that automatically go into your junk folder. Now, think about the mail you get in your mailbox.  Presumably, it’s a much smaller number.  Email often sticks around for only a few seconds.  Even if you don’t keep your junk mail, you look at it, even briefly, to make sure you’re not tossing away something important.  Getting their eyes on your ad is half the battle.

Direct Mail could be seen by everyone in the household. Email goes to one person; zero, if it automatically goes into a junk folder.  Direct Mail is often brought in the house where it may be seen by others.

Direct Mail is more engaging. Your logo and brand’s message gets put directly in front of a consumer that they can hold and study.  Eye-catching graphics are more impressive on a physical piece of mail.

Direct Mail is intergenerational. Some older people don’t have cell phones or don’t use them as often as younger consumers do, nor are they as engaged with social media.  Direct mail can reach young and old.

Fewer people are using Direct Mail. This may be because of the misconception that it will only be considered junk mail and thrown in the trash. What it really means is that there’s less competition for eyes. Yours will stand out.

Direct Mail is real. You can hold it in your hands. You can’t hold an email.  That would be like trying to hold a cloud.

It’s good for brand recognition. Even if it’s just a quick glance before tossing it in the recycling, your logo is viewed.  Sure, ideally you want them to respond to your mailer but getting their eyes on your logo is the next best thing.

Of course, this does not imply that Direct Mail Marketing should be used instead of email and social media campaigns.  On the contrary, they should all be a part of a multi-faceted marketing campaign using Direct Mail, social media, and emails.  For example, you could run a digital ad campaign targeted at a certain area and later follow that up with a mailer.  It will remind the consumer of your digital ads or reach customers that the digital ads may have missed.   Using an integrated approach shows consumers that you’re there for everyone, those who embrace technology and those who may not, increasing your audience.  It’s also getting your brand out there in various mediums.

Direct Mail isn’t dead. It’s alive and kicking and remains an important tool in a successful marketing strategy toolbox.  It’s not cheap but if done well, and is part of a bigger strategy, direct mail can improve your ROI by generating many more leads than a digital approach can on its own.

Intergetik can help your business generate leads by coming up with a marketing approach that encompasses both digital forms as well as Direct Mail.  From branding to web design to social media marketing, our team of professionals will help you hit your goals and make your brand a success.  Call us today at (314)749-0492 or visit our website and let us show you what we can do for you.