Rebranding: Is It Time for a Change?

Time changes everything.  An approach that was popular 10 years ago may be stale and outdated today.  Markets shift, attitudes transform, and personnel evolves. In business, if you don’t change with the times, you get left behind.  To remain competitive, you must remain relevant.

Adapting to current swings is normal, but is it time for a complete rebrand?

The rebranding process is tricky.  Your brand is your message, your identity.  It reflects who you are as a business. Rebranding is a risk and may alienate current clients while failing to catch on with a new audience.  So why take a chance?

Rebranding can be a way to breath new life into a brand, making your business stand out from the rest if you feel you’re lost in a sea of similar businesses.  If done carefully, you won’t lose many current customers―you’ll revitalize them while discovering a new market.  

When rebranding, you still need to stay on brand.  Your company has made a name for itself and you don’t want to lose that completely.  Rebranding should show that your business has changed for the better, but it’s not unrecognizable.  It’s important to keep your brand identity.

If you think it may be time for a rebrand, ask yourself these questions:

Why rebrand now?  

Understand why you want to do in the first place and what you’d like to accomplish with a rebrand.  Maybe you’re looking to open up a new demographic to your products. Or perhaps your name and logo design are beginning to feel dated.  If you’re experiencing declining sales, and fewer visitors to your websites, it may be time for a change. Be specific with your reasons so you can move forward with a detailed plan.  

What will our customers think?

A survey of your current customers may reveal where changes can be made or what can be kept.  If you know what’s important to them, you may be able to bring them along with the rebrand.

What will our employees think?

 Ask your employees how they feel about the brand and how they might rebrand.  They’ll likely have their own thoughts and ideas and different viewpoints can be invaluable.  You’ll be moving forward as a team so you should include them from the start.

What will we lose?

Your company has made a name for itself in search engines, you’ve listed it in directories and other websites and with Google, and social media companies.  Rebranding should be considered carefully because it’s not easy to redo everything and regain those rankings.  

Brand recall is valuable.  A catchy name can mean the difference between a bestseller and obscurity.  If you have something that works, you should consider keeping it.    

Once you’ve rolled out your rebrand, shout it to the world.  Let your current customers know how you’ve made positive changes and tell your targeted new customers who you are.  Make sure everyone’s on the same page. Vendors who help market your business need to know of any important changes.  

Rebranding is an opportunity to try new strategies.  Try something new. Creative marketing strategies can show your company in a new light and reach new markets where it can flourish. 

If you’re thinking about rebranding, Intergetik Marketing Solutions can help.  We get to know every client so we can create an image and brand for your company that truly represents your message.  We’re always up-to-date on the latest market trends so we can bring your brand in the right direction to reach a wider audience.  We do it all, from logo design to creative marketing to quality content so your rebrand can be a success.  

We’re so good at rebranding that we rebranded ourselves!  Formerly S03 Creative, we rebranded ourselves as Intergetik Marketing Solutions to better represent the work we do for our clients as a partner in all aspects of creating and marketing their brand.