The Importance of Good Quality Content Writing

Netflix is the king of video content.  Sit down on your couch with your spouse and a bowl of popcorn on a Friday night to watch a film, and Netflix will give you thousands of movies to choose from.  Is that really what you want?  To spend your time sifting through a whole lot of quantity before you get quality?  If you don’t give up after an hour, you’ll likely have to start and stop several movies before you find something good.  

This is the internet.  It’s awash with content.  Words, meaningful or not, fill out websites, side-by-side with logos and attractive designs and pictures, to make them look professional and informative.   Information is vital for any site, but how important is it to put the time and money into good quality content? 

If you skimp on the quality of your content, you might as well be posting a site full of Ipsum Lorem.  Just filler that’s not going to create any movement. Gone are the days when you simply needed a working website to draw in customers to your business. For any company to be successful, it must have an engaging, easy-to-navigate website with good quality writing that creates conversions and keeps customers coming back.  

Of course, good SEO practices are imperative, using the right keywords and tags move you in the ranks but will only get you so far.  For your site rise to the top of search engines, SEO needs to be accompanied by high-quality content will it bring people back and create a regular flow of traffic to your site.  Quality content entices readers to buy your product or service and reflects the views of your company. Content that is bland, inappropriate, or riddled with spelling and grammatical errors is a poor reflection on your business and will only drive customers away.  Good, quality content is a representation of your brand and should be considered an investment.  

What to Look For in a Content Provider

A good quality content writer speaks for your company, for your brand.  Through copywriting, technical writing, white papers, blogs, articles, bulk content, case studies, and infographics, your content provider will provide the voice for your business so take the time to find the right one.  Content is after all an investment. And you can’t spell Return On Investment without Investment.

Your content provider should have:  

  • Knowledge of SEO practices.  SEO is more than just repeating your company’s name a bunch of times in a blog post.  
  • Technical knowledge.  If your business is on the technical side, try to find someone with a good grasp of the technical parts.
  • Knowledge of the language.  Aside from being able to use proper grammar and spelling, your writer should be a native speaker.  Many content writing services use foreign writers to save money and it shows. Your content should flow in a way that only native writers (usually) understand.  
  • The ability to meet deadlines.  If your website needs to be updated frequently, such as with monthly blog posts, you’ll need someone who can meet the time constraints of the job.
  • The ability to tell a story.  Read writing samples form your potential writer.  Are they engaging? Can they take a boring product and make you want to buy it?  Are the articles shareable?  

Good quality content is valuable to your bottom line.  You need eyes on the page to convert visitors to paying customers, and high-quality, engaging content that uses SEO practices will increase relevant traffic to your site and make it a top search engine return.  

At Intergetik Marketing Solutions, we provide high-quality content with proven results because we get to know your company’s mission and voice.  If you want your search engine rankings to rise to the top, visit Intergetik Marketing Solutions today and start moving up!