3 Evolving Trends in Mobile Marketing

3 Evolving Trends in Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is becoming something that businesses in the digital age must have. Billions of people have access to some type of mobile device, using it to speak to friends, family, and businesses. This allows marketers to reach their target audience, and with all the right mobile marketing strategies, businesses can control technology to stay ahead of their competition. 

However, businesses must know how mobile marketing works and the trends they need to know about to move forward. There are many ways for businesses to capitalize on current trends, increase their customer engagement, and raise their ROI. The following are seven must-know trends that are evolving in mobile marketing that can help businesses succeed. 

  1.     Optimizing for Voice Search

Voice search is quickly evolving and is a must-know trend in mobile marketing. Many more consumers are using voice-controlled devices including Amazon Alexa and Apple’s Siri to find information online, which is why companies need to pay close attention. 

Companies that want to be ahead of their competition and optimize for voice search need to optimize their website for local SEO. To do this, companies need to add location-specific keywords into their content and meta tags. 

Businesses need to make sure their content can be found easily. They can do this by designing more FAQ-style pages that include long tail keywords that support normal language queries. 

  1.     Switching to Visual Content

As you know by now, mobile marketing is continuously developing and as a business owner you need to stay up to date on the latest trends. By doing so, you will stay ahead of your competition and reach your target audience. 

Technology is also rapidly evolving causing images and videos to be more accessible than they ever have before. It’s been proven that visual content is more effective in getting the viewer’s attention, encouraging businesses to use it in their mobile campaigns. 

A few ways to engage customers is through video clips, GIFs, meme-style visuals, and interactive graphics and using them on social media outlets. Use this content for different reasons, such as introducing products or services to amuse followers with funny information related to the brand’s values. 

  1.     Embracing Messaging Apps

There’s no doubt about it, mobile marketing is important for companies these days. Messages that are sent through these platforms are a powerful way of communication and to build engagement with their audience. This allows for more accessibility and personalized service.

Companies can capitalize on how fast and convenient messaging apps are by coming up with ways to bring interactive experiences through conversational technologies such as chatbox. Through these technologies companies are able to gain the consumer’s attention fast, raise the customer engagement, and drive sales. Messaging apps are being used more frequently across many industries. Therefore, companies need to grab on to this new trend as a piece of their overall mobile marketing strategy. 


As you now know, mobile technology keeps developing quickly and influencing mobile trends for the most impact is vital to businesses. This guarantees they remain in the know on the most recent trends in mobile marketing. By influencing current trends, businesses can strengthen their impact and gain the attention of a broader audience.

These are just three evolving trends in mobile marketing. If you would like to know more about mobile marketing trends and how they can help your business, don’t hesitate to contact Intergetik Marketing Solutions. We are here for you!