5 Best Website Tips for a Business

5 Best Website Tips for a Business


Now-a-days every business has a website. However, not every website is up to par. The one thing that separates a great website from a bad one is its web design. The design of a website plays an important part in how successful your business is. A well-designed website allows you to stand out online and decreases the bounce rate of customers, which can eventually increase your online sales. 


However, it is not always easy to design a good website. There are a variety of different factors you need to remember to create an effective one. To achieve this goal, it would be wise to work with a reputable website design company such as Intergetik Marketing Solutions. Working with a website design company who is highly skilled will ensure your website will have a smooth navigation layout and a great user experience. 


The following are tips to keep in mind when creating the perfect website for your business.


Say NO to Sliders


Let’s review the definition of a slider. A slider is a word that insinuates a slideshow on a website. For instance, a slider can be a rotating carousel that shows products or pictures. Sliders can be included in a variety of different types of sites; however, they are most helpful for businesses that want to display relevant content or display professional portfolios. 


Although sliders may have some positive qualities about them, here are some reasons to stay away from using sliders. 


  •     Sliders can be confusing because they offer users with many options at one time, all of which have the same importance. Anything that causes confusion needs to be avoided. 
  •     Users look at sliders the same way they look at ads and ignore them. 
  •     Sliders affect SEO and conversion rates because they slow down pages. 
  •     Not all sliders transition well to mobile.
  •     Due to their size, sliders take up space that could be used for other content. 
  •     Sliders could give the idea to users that the business does not know what to highlight so they decided to show all choices at the same time. 


Make Your Images Compressed


Everyone wants their images to look good on their website. Afterall, an image is one of the first things users notice. However, there is confusion when it comes to images in web design. Many people believe that having their images at their highest quality is the best way to go, but the issue with that is the higher the quality the higher the file size. Although most do not think about the size of a file, it is actually very important. 


The main advantage of compressing an image is that it decreases how long it takes for it to load on a web page. The size of a file is vital when it comes to how long it takes for the image to load. There must be a balance between the quality of an image and the size of an image so the image looks good and loads fast without taking up too much storage. When the load time is reduced, computers can process the image data easier resulting in an enjoyable experience for users. 


Break Out Your Content So It’s Not Boring


Nobody likes to read boring content. Users are looking for content that will catch their attention. As a business owner, you want to include content that will engage your readers and draw their attention toward the products or services you are selling. Engaging content also helps build brand awareness and promotes customer loyalty. When customers feel engaged, they are more likely to visit your site again. Engaging content is also more likely to be shared and talked about. 


Include a Contact Form on Every Page for Lead Generation


As a business owner you need to make it as easy as possible for your customers to contact you. When you place your contact form on every page of your website, you will receive more leads for your business. It makes it an easy way for new customers to get in touch, and as a result, you will gain happy customers. If you only provide an email link, then you are depending on the customer to go through a lot of headaches of physically creating an email. 


Keep Your Phone Number Visible!


How many times have you become frustrated because you could not easily find a phone number on a website? Most people do not have time to search for the contact information of a business. Placing your business phone number in a hard-to-find location is a bad idea. Doing so will only ensure that your website’s conversion rates will decrease. 


When your phone number is clearly visible, your customers will have a much easier time getting in touch with you. As a result, this could lead to more sales and eventually an increase in revenue. A clearly visible phone number can also present your brand as trustworthy, as well as show your business is easy to get ahold of which demonstrates your business welcomes personable interaction. One option you can consider is to include your business number in the header of your website, or at least in the top third. Placing it in this location makes it immediately visible and simple for customers to get in contact with you. 




Creating a website is not always easy and can cause major frustration, especially when you have no idea what you are doing. The tips mentioned above will help you along the way, but keep in mind there are professional website developers who are here to help! Contact Intergetik Marketing Solutions if you are needing professional assistance.