What’s the Most Important Information for an Ad?

Who isn’t attracted to flashy images, catchy jingles, and entertaining ads? When an ad includes things like this, customers easily remember the product or service being advertised. However, these are not the most important things to consider when trying to sell your product. To really bring attention to your ad and make sure your potential customers remember your product or service, you need to show that you can satisfy their needs. It is important that your ads deliver this message plainly and immediately, so they resonate with consumers.

Catchy Headline

Your advertisement must catch your customer’s attention within a matter of seconds. A headline that includes three to five words will engage your readers enough for them to stop and look at your ad. If those few seconds are all you get from a potential customer, then you want those keys words to crucial links to your company that the person will remember.

Powerful Image

One single image can express a story that is just as powerful as a paragraph of text. Picking the perfect image that will draw attention to your ad and completely describes the story of your product is just as important as the words that will go with it. It might be a good idea to test the image before putting it on your advertisement. Just like words can have different meanings, images can also invoke different feelings in different people.

Determining Needs

If you are already in the process of selling products, speak with your customers about them. Your customer service department should make it a priority to get both positive and negative feedback regarding your products. Whether your customers are satisfied or dissatisfied, they are giving you free advice on what needs improvement and what you should keep the same. You will also learn which parts of your products to highlight in your advertisements.

Determining Marketing Mix

When you sell a quality product or service, you need to meet a particular set of customer needs in which you decide is most important. This is called offering marketing mix. Keep in mind that price comes second in most markets, sometimes third or fourth. For your customers to be attracted by low prices, they must first feel like the product or service will benefit them. By showing the quality of your products or services, you are helping your potential customers understand how your products or services will help them.

Building Confidence

When you give your customers information regarding your products or services, you are building their confidence in your company. On your website, include information that is fact-based evidence about your company and what it offers, as well as testimonies and a toll-free number to call for more information. Other ways that will help build your customer’s confidence include offering a free trial, samples, or a money-back guarantee. The more customers try your products or services, the more they will tell other potential customers how your products or services can benefit them.

Appealing to Emotion

Appealing to possible future customers’ emotions can prompt them to think about how your product or service will be of value to them. Humor tends to bring on strong reactions when it supports the message the ad is trying to convey rather than confusing it. Humor also is very effective in getting the attention of individuals.

There are many things you should consider when designing your advertisement, and that can be overwhelming. Every business wants to get it right the first time around and attract the customers they are seeking. If you are having a hard time coming up with an unforgettable ad or just want a professional to look over the one you have created, contact Intergetik today. Our expert marketing staff would be happy to speak with you to make sure you are headed down the right path.