Does Photography Really Sell a Business?

Photography seems to have become a simplified art, especially these days when every person has a device in their pocket that takes social media worthy snapshots. But does better photography lead to better promotion of a business? Can photography really make or break the way a business is perceived?

In short, yes, and it may play a bigger role in the success of your business than you think. Here’s why.

Professional Quality Builds Trust

Yes, we may all carry around smartphones that can take extraordinary pictures, but when compared to the photographs taken by a dedicated camera done by a professional, smartphone photos are lackluster. By using professional photography, you make your business seem more professional, and thereby make it seem more legitimate. Professional photographs often have a stylized look and are subject to photographic rules that you may not be privy to but are noticeable on a subconscious level.

Good Photos Pay for Themselves

While the cost of a professional photographer for your business may seem daunting at first, consider the benefits of what you’ll receive with a professional photographer.

  • High quality photos that can be shared as many times as you see fit
  • Storytelling of either your goods or your services
  • Material for marketing campaigns moving forward that can be manipulated and restyled to your tailoring.

Realistically, the best part about business related photography is the versatility of it. The digital files that you receive from a photographer can be used for years to come, and are able to be changed and modified with ease for a number of applications.

Product Photography Sells Products

The difference in the sales of an item can often be boiled down to the marketing of it, and with good product pushing comes good photographs of the product. A professionally taken product photograph can make a world of difference, and the better the picture of what you’re trying to sell, the more appealing it will be to your audience. There’s a reason product photography is it’s own field in the photography industry!


Alright, so, smartphone photography may have been bashed a time or two in this article, but it’s time to give it some praise. Because nearly every person owns a smartphone, you can use the occasional smartphone photography to relate to your audience on social media with ease! Using interesting smartphone camera features and filters can help you engage with your social media following, and in turn can really help to promote your business to them.

Photography Matters

If you’re trying to really push your business, and sell its value to your audience, then you’re going to need to invest in photography. Professional photographs can be the difference between success and failure for your endeavors. Pictures are appealing to people, and often they’ll make split decisions based on the way a product or a business has been photographed, opting for the more professionally done media. Remember, in business, image is everything! Give Intergetik Marketing Solutions a call today to update your business photography!