Why You Should Be Using Website Visitor Identification

Converting leads for any business is the top priority. With 90% of website visitors being anonymous, businesses are stuck to cold-calling and guessing who would be the perfect clientele for them. As technology develops companies have started using platforms and software to help convert leads. 

Website visitor identification is one of them. 

Website visitor identification tells you who is going to your website and the pathway they take when they either a) convert or b) exit. This is valuable data that businesses need to understand what works and what doesn’t. 

Here is why all businesses should be using it. 

Get Hot Leads

While cold calling is definitely not dead, pursuing soft leads and cold leads can often be a waste of time. When you use website visitor identification you can get the name, location, and contact information of someone who is already interested in your business. 

Because you can see the duration of time someone spends on a particular part of the website you can change your marketing tactics so that you set your business up for the best chance to convert. You can also segment your leads into categories of most frequent visitors to least. 

Understand Your Strengths/Weaknesses

Because you get to see where a potential customer goes through your website you can start to understand the decision and thought-making process. If customers engage with certain products but not others, it gives you information on what you need to improve. 

It also can give you insight into what demographics you are doing well with and what ones you are struggling to connect with. This is a critical measurement and stat when it comes to marketing. With today’s marketing concepts all out personalization, you can’t do that if you don’t know who you are talking to and what their preferences are. Website visitor identification solves that. 

Optimize Time and Money

Website visitor identification is a great tool for beginning efficiency back to your business. Because it does a lot of the work for you by providing solid leads, you don’t need to waste time having your employees dig up this information. This leads them to spend their time pursuing more important things and therefore saving money and increasing work efficiency.  

Maximize Efforts Today

You may feel like this is another tool that will come and go and be a waste of money. The truth is website visitor identification should be one of, if not the most important tool you use. Generating leads is the most important part of a business and having something that generates hot leads is critical. 

This gives your company a much better chance at converting and being successful and can also provide the insight needed to make necessary changes. Still, got questions? Call us at Intergetik and we will hash out the details and cover your concerns. Call today at (314) 749-0492.