Instagram-Sponsored Posts: Do’s and Don’ts

The marketplace for businesses is online no matter what industry you are in. Everyone has a page and the more audience you grow to that page the better things are. Exposure is the biggest thing that comes to mind and with social media, it isn’t that hard to work on. 

Sponsored posts on Instagram function a lot like Facebook Ads. They help you target the right audience and also remind old fans that you are still around. But with any investment understanding what works and what doesn’t is important. 

This is why we will talk about the Dos and Don’ts of Instagram-sponsored posts. 

Do: Stay Authentic to your Brand

There is a difference between upgrading your brand and getting a full facelift. Some companies need a total makeover but when it comes to reaching the audience who’s been loyal to you as well as new members that fit that mold, it’s important to stay authentic. 

Being authentic in your sponsored posts means staying within your brand image but also posting something eye-catching. If you are a restaurant, posting Chinese food to reach an Asian market when you in fact serve Italian, is inauthentic. You may get a click but you won’t get a customer. 

Do: Offer Incentive

A major marketing tactic that businesses don’t take advantage of is really offering an incentive for a newcomer or an old friend to choose you and choose you again. Incentives can come in many different forms but offering a discount, free information, or anything of the sort is going to get people to click on your post. 

The trick is to not be too sales-y. The more natural you can make the post feel the better off you are going to be. 

Don’t: Trick Your Audience

Playing piggyback off the last idea. If you are going to offer something then you really need to offer it. Don’t be click-bait because if you say free tutorial and then conditions apply once they arrive on your webpage, they are going to think you don’t in fact really care about the customer and care more about making a quick buck. This follows the concept of being authentic.  

Make the Investment

Sponsored Instagram posts are a great investment that really targets the audience you want to continually visit your business. Companies that use it as a scam to get quick hits don’t go very far. That’s why working on the authentic image and brand of your posts is a win-win. 

The do’s and don’ts are interlinked with one another and not hard to follow. Yet businesses always struggle to detach from the need to get more likes and clicks. While this is good, you want to return customers not one-and-done. 

Managing your brand and posts can be tough. That’s why when you call us at Intergetik, solutions appear and your Instagram works as it should. Don’t wait to call us today at (314) 749- 0492.