Should My Website Be Mobile Friendly?

Creating a website for your company is a very important part of business these days. With a website, you are able to provide information regarding your company and drive prospective customers to take action. Your website lays the foundation for your connection with your customers. Nevertheless, your website must attract clients on how they use it. Although you might have a website that is appealing to the eyes, if it is not mobile friendly, then you are missing out on a vital part of your online presence.

There is no doubt that our world is driven by technology. In fact, mobile internet traffic surpasses desktop traffic by about 3% every year. It is true that desktops and laptops are used at home and at offices; however, most people use mobile devices while they are on the go. Mobile devices are not just for young people. People of all ages use their smartphones to work online, look at social media, and read the news. Being able to gain endless access to content has generated a society that demands information instantly, including while on the go. Due to this demand, many websites have improved by developing mobile-friendly formatting, so that people who visit the site are able to get what they need no matter where they are or what type of technology they are using.


Reasons to Have Mobile-Friendly Websites


Mobile-friendly websites are not just convenient for a small percentage of users these days. Mobile-friendly websites are a must-have due to the way people use mobile technology. Yet, it is more than just being about accessibility on mobile devices. There are many reasons why mobile-friendly websites are a great idea for your business.

  • Users want mobile access

Although people use desktops for work or personal use, they are most likely to also use mobile devices. Instant access to information has become the norm, and therefore, people expect to be able to find anything on their mobile devices that they would on their desktop. If you do not have a mobile-friendly website, your customers and prospective clients will not have easy access to information about your business on their mobile devices.

  • Makes it easier for possible customers to contact you

Websites that are mobile friendly allow any website visitor the easy access of instantly contacting you, whether it is by phone or email, through the click of a button.

  • Google likes mobile-friendly content

Google’s crucial algorithm ranks mobile-friendly websites and recognizes that most people are online using mobile devices. Therefore, they want their search results to match the search needs of most of their users. When you enhance your website to be mobile-friendly in formatting and content, your SEO content will be more successful. Your website will also rank higher in search results when prospective customers use your keywords and phrases while searching. It does not matter if your potential customers are searching on their desktop or mobile device, your mobile-friendly site will make Google happy and help your site to rank well.

  • Mobile-friendly content is more shareable

Sharing is a great way to spread information. Information can be spread through links on social media or text messaging websites between friends and family. People enjoy sharing what they see and like, but if your website is not mobile-friendly, then sharing from desktop to mobile does not work very well. If a customer wanted to share information with someone else, the information the potential customer receives would not be in a format that appeals to them. Therefore, they might not take the time to save the link and read it later on their own desktop.

  • Stay competitive

Your competition, specifically those who have been successful with internet marketing programs, have already integrated a mobile version of their website. Therefore, if you want to keep up with your competitors, you need to get busy with making your website mobile-friendly.

There are many reasons to have a mobile-friendly website. Our world is driven by technology, and many people “live” through their mobile phones. It is their way of communicating, sharing information, and staying caught up with the latest products. If you have questions regarding building a mobile-friendly website, contact Intergetik today through our website. We would love to help you upgrade to a mobile-friendly website!