Why Bounce Rate is the Most Important Number for Web Analytics

Whether you know what a bounce rate is or not, here is a reminder. A website bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who land on a page on your website, then exit. These visitors do not click on anything else, and they do not go to another page. Instead, they land on one of your website pages, linger for a few seconds, then leave.

Essentially, these visitors stopped on a website page, blog, or landing page, checked it out briefly, and realized it wasn’t the right place. They could have been looking for something and didn’t see it on your page, or they landed on your site by coincidence and noticed your content wasn’t relevant.

Why Are Bounce Rates Important?

Bounce rates is one of the main metrics that marketers measure in analytics and are a crucial SEO metric because it measures how appealing your content is. Marketers measure analytics for different reasons, the main one being keeping an eye on the effectiveness of content and overall website. Bounce rates can also indicate that your page content is irrelevant or confusing to those who visit your site, as well as be a sign that your content or user experience needs improvement A high bounce rate might indicate that visitors are not finding what they want on your website. The higher the bounce rate, the more frequent you are losing possible customers off your site. Whatever the case, you are probably missing out on conversion opportunities.

Many people ask the question, “What is a good bounce rate?” There is no clear-cut answer to this question. Answers can vary extensively depending on the type of website.

A thorough examination of your bounce rate can help you improve numerous usability features on your website, including navigation, call to action (CTA) placement, and content quality. Bounce rates can also be a helpful tool for comparing segments of traffic against one another.

Bounce rates are also important because they can tell you about your visitors in the following ways:

  • Is your content engaging: Are visitors leaving after reading only one page, with no interest in looking at other pages?
  • How well is your conversion funnel working: Are visitors dropping off prior to asking for more information or downloading a resource?
  • Where are visitors having a difficult time navigating your site: Are they bouncing from certain pages due to confusion regarding how to find what they are searching for or the answer to a problem?

A website’s bounce rate is important because it informs you how well visitors are or are not engaging with your webpage’s content or user experience. Overall, you will be best served by targeting keywords for which you are able to provide quality, relevant content. Search engines will provide the traffic, but the better your content is, the more likely visitors will spend more time on your site. As a result, the number of sales and conversions will increase.

If you are concerned that the bounce rates on your site are too high, contact Intergetik today. We can help improve them by discussing a strategy plan that includes looking into why visitors are bouncing and solutions to decrease the bounce rates. Call us today at (314) 749-0492!