Growing Your Audience: 3 Must-Haves

Every company’s goal is to continuously convert leads. That can only happen when you have an audience consistently visiting your webpage. Once the ball gets rolling things are great but the initial push off to grow your audience can be a real standstill. 

That’s because many companies don’t understand where to put their own marketing money to get a better return on investment. When we focus on who is coming to the website, how to target them, and how to target people like them, we can finally pick up speed.

Here are three must-haves in your business when trying to grow your audience. 

Website Visitor Identification

Website visitor identification is software that performs just as its name sounds. Getting stats on who is visiting your website is great but specifically knowing who visits your website with a when and why really changes things. 

Website visitor identification uses IP addresses to identify anonymous users that come to your website so you can better market to them. It also shows you the path they took before purchasing or exiting out of your service. 

This can provide a lot of insight into what works and doesn’t work for your platforms. 

Personalized Email Sequences

Once website visitor identification lets you know who your potential lead is and how to contact them, you need to market to them in the right way. This is crucial to growing your audience. Email marketing sequence chains are a great way to do that. 

You can customize them by reminding the potential lead of what products they were looking at and even offer them discounts on that very product. This is a great way to get someone who was thinking about converting to finally pull the trigger. 

You can also set up certain schedules so that emails are automatically sent out at the right time. This way the customer doesn’t feel bombarded with too many emails too quickly but they also haven’t been left alone for too long. 

Sponsored Content

Website Visitor Identification services aren’t the only way you can reach a customer. Using sponsored content through major social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram can market to individuals that are most like your current customers. 

You can even select what kind of audience you want to market a sponsored post to so you can reach new audiences. This is a major technology addition recently that can make growing your audience that much easier!

Tech! Tech! Tech!

Growing your audience in today’s world really revolves around taking advantage of technology. There are so many ways to reach billions of people online that it always comes down to one question when things aren’t rolling.

Are you marketing the right way?

Reaching the wrong audience is usually why many companies can’t convert. That’s why specifically capitalizing on website visitor identification and sponsored posts can hone you in on the right customer. And from there you can keep that customer engaged and pull them in with personalized email sequence marketing.