Website Sliders – Why They May Not Work

Website sliders are a web page feature for presenting multiple images in a gallery-like manner. One image is displayed at a time and cycles between images automatically. These are most useful for businesses wanting to show relevant content – allowing users to sort through multiple options quickly and help narrow down choices. While this may seem to be a good option for showcasing the most important content in an engaging and interactive way, it can also have many downfalls.

Causes Slower Site Speed

A slideshow of information with a combination of images, text, icons and links can slow down your site speed. A slow site speed can result from a number of reasons. Using too many images or images that are too large can drastically increase loading times. Website sliders are used to display multiple images across the width of a screen in one area. Using large sized, high-resolution images can make an impact on your site speed. A large volume of images usually is the most common reason for a website to be slow. Larger slide images will slow the page load speed of the browser and the user’s device.

Unable to Work on Mobile Devices

As smart phone sales continue to increase worldwide, more and more users are accessing websites via their mobile device. Website traffic from mobile devices has increased dramatically which is why it’s best not only to optimize a company’s desktop website but also their mobile website. 

Mobile web pages are sized for smaller screens. Because of the difference in size, it may be necessary to remove sidebars and certain graphics that are larger in size. As mentioned before, a slideshow often uses images of large size and will not translate correctly on a smaller screen and may not always work on mobile websites. Making sure a website is mobile-friendly will increase the chances that people are going to continue browsing your website and will increase SEO traffic.

Negative Impact on SEO and Conversion Rate

Boosting a company’s SEO traffic is a key strategy in producing more sales. A web page that has image sliders that take too much time to load and display images can cause a site to lose traffic when users do not have the time or patience to wait for the loading process. If your desktop or mobile site is affected in any way due to sliders, users will seek an alternative site, decreasing SEO traffic and decreasing sales. 

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