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What Are the Best Free Tools for Lead Generation?

Lead generation for business-to-business (B2B) can look a little different than it does for companies who are targeting individual consumers, so it is important to find lead generation software and tools that are designed for B2B companies.

What is the best B2B lead generation?

The best B2B lead generation tools are going to vary by industry and company as well as the specific needs and goals of a business. These are 3 lead generation tools that boast high popularity and user ratings:

  • HubSpot Marketing Hub: This comprehensive software offers an array of features that allows businesses to generate and manage leads as they make their way through the sales funnel. Their most basic version offers certain lead generation tools for free,which makes it a good option for small businesses.
  • Leadfeeder: This is now a subset of a merger with Echbot under the company Dealfront, but it allows companies to collect information and data on website visitors, even if they don’t fill out a contact form. It’s great for B2B lead generation because it can show you the information you need for employee contacts at another company.
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator: LinkedIn is known for bringing B2B audiences together, and its Sales Navigator tools are designed to aid businesses in targeting, tracking, and engaging with potential professional and business leads.

What is B2B lead generation software?

B2B lead generation software is designed to help businesses with the process of identifying, capturing, qualifying, managing, and nurturing businesses as prospective customers. Because B2B cycles may be longer and more complex than those targeting individual consumers, the software is tailored to better meet their needs and streamline the lead generation process.

How do you generate B2B lead generation?

B2B lead generation can be done using a variety of strategies. Social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), and Instagram have many lead generation opportunities, particularly through pay per click (PPC) advertising. Content marketing and email marketing help increase brand awareness and visibility online, and hosting live events and workshops are a great way to do so offline. Free lead magnets, such as free trials, are a great option because they allow businesses to experience what you have to offer. In fact, utilizing free trials of lead generation tools like Uplead, Skrapp, Hunter, and Leadfeeder is a beneficial way to generate free leads lists for your own company.

How can I get leads without paying?

While using free lead generation tools and software can be helpful, there are some strategies that businesses can use to generate leads without costing them any extra money. 

  • Capitalize on social media: Many businesses already have some sort of social media presence, but ensure that you are making the most of its lead generating possibilities by sharing valuable content in the form of infographics, videos, or blog posts and articles; hosting a contest or giveaway;  running polls or surveys; or promoting your brand through reviews and video testimonials.
  • Send effective emails: Emails can be a very beneficial tool for generating leads, with the highest return on investment (ROI) at $36 per dollar spent, so make sure that your subject line incites curiosity, is personalized to the recipient’s interests, and contains a promotional offer or discount in order to get a higher clickthrough rate.
  • Update your online presence: Having eye-catching, aesthetically-pleasing websites and social media pages is important for attracting potential leads. Make sure they are visually appealing and easy to use so that visitors will want to spend time there.
  • Optimize your content: Videos and blog posts are two effective tools for sharing your expertise to generate leads and drive search engine optimization (SEO). Become a trusted source for information by posting blogs and videos on your website and social media.


Finding the software, tools, and strategies that work best for your B2B company can feel like an overwhelming task. Identify your company’s needs and goals and utilize free trials in order to find the ones that work best for your business.