Post It, Blog It, Newsletter It.

People love being in the know, whether you’re giving them insider tips, little known facts, great opportunities, or just simple updates about your business, there are plenty of things that you can inform your customers about, and this is one of the best ways to maintain interest in your business. In the past, advertisements and editorials took up most of the business correspondence outside of having personal conversations with members of the company, but now there are many ways to let your clients know how business is going even if they are halfway across the world.

Keep Your Clients Up to Date

Your clients are interested in your business- otherwise, they would likely not be your clients. Aside from that fairly obvious point, the fact of the matter is that your clients care about what your business is doing, and updates on what it can do for them. Many clients love to see when a business gets involved in the community, when they make updates to policies, or when a new bargain is created to help them get the most bang for their buck. Interesting content is great for your business as it allows your company to stay in the minds of your clients even when they are not in need of your service, as they will remain connected to your business and will be more likely to consult you when the need arises.

Build and Retain Interest

Publishing new content often is a great way to garner interest, as the more quality posts you produce, the more your website will appear on the internet, and the more often people will interact with it. Creating posts on social media is another great way to build interest, as this is the primary source of media for the average American. One of the most important ways of keeping your clients interested is by publishing a newsletter, maybe monthly, weekly, quarterly or yearly. Newsletters allow your long-term clients to see how the company is progressing and learn of any news or events that you may want to share!

Creating blog posts and online newsletters are great ways to improve your SEO scores, as they are content with information pertaining very closely to the rest of your business. The best thing to remember while creating posts is being mindful of using keywords and phrases often and artfully. While other elements of SEO may not be nearly as intuitive, it is a great best practice to use keywords often without making it seem overly obvious.

Go Forth and Post

Sometimes it can be hard to garner interest, but a great way to make this happen is by taking advantage of the benefits of keeping your clients up to date on your business through posts, newsletters, and blogs. This is a simple way to keep your clients involved and engaged with your business even in the off season or whenever they aren’t directly using your service. If you need inspiration on writing newsletters, ideas on blog posts, tips for social media advertising campaigns, copy writing, or anything else that comes to mind while promoting your business, Intergetik marketing is the right place for you!