Benefits of Marketing Automation Tools

Benefits of Marketing Automation Tools

Marketing automation tools were created to streamline promotional processes, increase output, and push growth. There are a variety of automation tools such as email automation, social media schedulers, and independent content writers. These tools are invaluable to your continued success in your marketing strategy. In fact, research has shown that 80% of top brands and marketers say that marketing automation is one of the biggest reasons they have been successful. 

Why Should You Use Marketing Automation Tools?

Companies that utilize marketing automation are typically 20% more productive. Not only do these tools increase output, but they also help target and segment. Both are vital to digital marketing strategies in today’s world of marketing. These tools assist you in simplifying different types of activities so you can put them together in a certain order to make the workflow and organization better. 

The following are some main benefits that automation tools can offer.  

  •     Email marketing: You will use your email for outreach as well as upselling and sending reminders about important occasions. 
  •     Leads: Automation tools aid in finding customers along with segmenting traffic for better personalization. 
  •     Social Media: These tools can make sure there is consistency across platforms which builds awareness to your brands. 
  •     Performance indicators: Automation tools help keep track of the success of your marketing campaigns by providing the most appropriate and meaningful metrics. 

Save Time and Lower Costs

Social media by itself costs hours every week; however, when using a scheduler, you can post more often and monitor how successful your posts are through scheduling tools. As a result, you can improve response times and follow up activities, segment lists, and spot warm traffic. 

Monitor and Target Audiences

There are a lot of free options for tracking general analytics that are quite useful; however, most of them only provide a basic level of knowledge of what is happening. The metrics that come with automation tools help give you better insights on the kinds of key performance indicators (KPIs) that are exclusively related to your marketing campaigns. What’s even better, they are tracked contextually and in real time, as well as kept in one place. 

Brand Consistency

It takes a lot of time to build a brand that is recognized and trusted; therefore, the more individuals you can reach in a streamlined and consistent way, the better chance you have of gaining leads and converting.

The more your brand is recognized over time, the more your customers will come to trust you. This is because they know they can expect the unexpected when they notice something from you in their inbox or go through their social media feed. 

Automation tools provide you with templates and design choices which can help promote consistency as well as build loyalty through a variety of channels. Also keep in mind that when you keep in touch with your customers consistently, there is a good chance they will become comfortable and make purchases. 

Marketing automation tools can help make your business a success. They provide consistency, promote your brand, help target your intended audience, and help you save money. If you are interested in learning more about automation tools and how they can help your business skyrocket to success, contact Intergetik today. Our staff would love to talk to you about what tools would work best for your needs.