Using Yard Signs to Generate Business

Using yard signs to advertise a business has been around for a long time. Everywhere you go you will see a yard sign providing information for a specific service from a certain company. Businesses use yard signs for a variety of reasons, but when used correctly, they are down-to-earth advertising that have the potential to reach billboard-sized results. Whereas standard, non-digital billboards can cost over $1,000 per month, yard signs can get the same impressions for a fraction of the cost. 

Yard signs also sidestep the stigma that normally goes along with billboard advertising, many a lot of customers believe to be too lofty. When you are advertising for a local business, yard signs are successful at delivering a realistic persona that brings your brand closer to your audience. 

Overall, yard signs can provide a substantial return on your efforts and budget. In order for your yard sign investment to pay off, consider the following five tips that will help get big results for your business. 

Keep It Simple

One crucial part of a yard sign is the fact it needs to convey your message to drive-by audiences who will not slow down just to read a message. What does this mean? Your sign needs to be simple and focus on the one most important thing you want to get across. The smaller number of words you use, the better, and sometimes a single brand name or logo will be enough. 

Keep in mind that yard signs are meant to ingrain your business into consumers’ minds and not motivate them to automatically turn around and visit your business. This will increase recall of your products or services when consumers are ready for them. Also, remember that simple does not mean boring. Experiment with colors, fonts, etc., but make sure your signs are legible. 

Focus on Readability

Since most consumers will be reading your sign as they are driving by, they will not have time to figure out an unreadable message. To catch their eye, use clearly contrasting colors choices. Make sure your choices are contrasting not only from each other but also from the other signs in the area. You should also think about the main colors of houses within the neighborhoods when deciding which color to go with. 

Don’t forget about text size, which is just as important as color. Text will start to become harder to read the faster your audience drives. As a rule of thumb, consumers will be able to read seven-inch-high letters at 25 mph. However, you should increase the height to 16 inches if they are traveling at 55 mph to make sure they can read it. 

Pay close attention to the fonts you use, as well. Simple fonts such as Helvetica and Frutiger work well. If your sign is small, think about using all-capital letters, especially for the focal point. 

Spread Them Out for Maximum Impact

One great thing about yard signs is that they are low cost, which means you can spread them out strategically. When you can spread them out in multiple locations throughout your local target market, your chances of gaining your audience’s attention greatly increases. It is not recommended to over-crowd your neighborhood in yard signs, but instead placing multiple signs in strategic, high-traffic areas. This can go a long way toward helping your business reach the greatest number of consumers as possible. 

Consider Your Traffic

If your market goes beyond a single neighborhood, then take advantage of the low cost of printing yard signs in another way: modify the design to match your audience. It is not recommended to redesign each sign just to be different. Remember, you want to keep the consistent brand message that increases audience recall. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t make changes. 

Don’t Forget About White Space

White space is the “nothing” space on your sign. It is where there are no graphics or text. When used the right way, it can have a huge impact on how effective your sign is. White space has been known to attract the eye more than a multitude of graphics, it elicits positive responses from consumers, and it increases a sign’s readability factor. How successful your yard signs will be depends on how well it will attract your audience’s attention, and white space is effective in reaching that goal. 

Take a tour of neighborhoods in your area and you will notice yard signs fighting for your attention. This is because their effectiveness far surpasses their cost, making them a top choice in advertisement, especially for small businesses. By following the above five tips, you will make sure your yard signs stand out. If you would like more advice and suggestions regarding yard signs and how you can get your business on consumers’ radar, contact Intergetik today. We would be thrilled to help you get your business’s name out there to the public!