Why You Should Be Using Google Business Profile

The popular search engine Google can be a great strategy for reaching and acquiring new customers because there are multiple ways customers can discover a business – through search, maps, images and ads. Potential customers can engage with a business directly from search results which is why creating a Google Business Profile can be a great way to market a business.

Creating a Google Business Profile can allow people to find a business when looking for products and services in a specific area. This platform shows searchers where and how to visit a business which can improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – making the website more visible and creating more traffic and opportunity for more customers.

Google Business Profile helps to easily manage your profile from Search and Maps and can be personalized by adding company hours, photos, posts and more. What’s even better is that it’s a free service making it such an affordable option to help spread the word about a business and increase traffic to their website.

Google Business Profile allows a business to manage interactive features like reviews and questions and to publish a variety of media like photos, posts and videos. It allows potential customers to have access to the direction and contact information of a business and they can also easily read reviews about a service or product. 

A Google Business Profile is useful for taking charge of a business’s first impression by providing the most essential information and by showing  potential customers what makes the business unique. Adding information such as a business phone number, operating hours and address is a crucial part of managing a business’s online presence. 

It is important for a business to engage with their targeted audience and Google Business Profile helps to easily connect with customers. This platform allows a business to create posts, offers and update customers on special events – keeping customers engaged and interested in all the business has to offer!  

One amazing feature that Google Business Profile offers is the ability to determine what keywords people use to search a business. A business can search a particular time period and use the business profile performance feature to see how and how many people interacted with the business. This can be a helpful tool to determine how much traffic a business’s website receives and the more traffic the higher ranked it becomes on Google search – increasing SEO and potential new customers.

Google is one of the most popular online search engines and has over 8.5 billion searches per day which is why creating a Google Business Profile can be an extremely helpful tool to help market a company. This free and easy platform is a great way for a business to take charge of the way their business appears on Google search and maps and easily connect with customers!

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